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Fit Kidof Southwest Oklahoma is involved with close to thirty different projects that range from community gardens, healthy eating programs, employee wellness, walking and running activities as well as promoting outdoor experiences with family bonding through encouraged parent-child participation.

In addition, Fit Kids is excited about the new Duty Rowe Fit Kids Fitness Trailway presently under development that will provide an extensive trail and bike system in the Wichita Mountains.


A Healthier CU in Century II

Cameron University is focusing on fitness and health within the campus and throughout the community by developing Community Gardens, Aggie Mile Walking Trail, a Student Wellness Center, healthy food choices in the cafeteria, campus wellness challenges, and Coaches University.


Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools

Lawton Public Schools has received state and national recognition for programs implemented under the Healthy Schools Program, which includes healthy eating choices in the cafeteria, increased opportunities for physical activity, employee wellness, and a coordinator to oversee all health and wellness initiatives.


Certified Healthy Programs

The Certified Healthy Programs encourage businesses, restaurants, schools, campuses and communities to implement more opportunities for their employees, customers, students and residents to eat better, move more and be tobacco free.


Community Bike Trails

Community Bike Trails is a city wide plan to implement bike trails throughout the community to increase the opportunity for residents to be more physically active.


Fit KidFarmers Market

The Farmer's Market was established to make locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables available to the community. 

Fit Kids CU Community Garden

The Fit Kids CU Community Garden was developed to promote healthier lifestyle focused on better nutrition and physical activity through hands-on outdoor experiences in the garden. The garden caters to children to develop their knowledge of where fruits and vegetables come from, how they are grown and their importance in relation to our bodies as well as to promote outdoor experiences and family bonding through encouraged parent-child participation. 


Fort Sill Health and Wellness

Fort Sill has shown a commitment to fitness and health for their Soldiers, families, and the communities where they live by being instrumental in the development of projects like Nature Quest, LETRA Express, Fit Kids Fitness Trailway, CG's Challenge and Fitness in the Park, as well as numerous other activities on post.


Miracle League

The Miracle League of Lawton Fort Sill was founded in 2007 to offer baseball and other sports to the mentally and physically challenged children of Lawton Fort Sill and its surrounding communities in a safe, organized and fun manner. A community wide initiative raised funds to build a state of the art, custom designed rubberized  turf field that accommodates wheelchairs and other assistive devices in the middle of the city's Elmer Thomas Park


Playground in the Park

The Playground in the Park Coalition raised over $400,00 to install this state of the art playground in Elmer Thomas Park. Much time, dedication and resources went into this effort and it now provides children with the opportunity to have fun, exercise and enjoy a positive outdoor experience.


Safe Routes to School

Lawton Public Schools, City of Lawton, Comanche County Health Department, Fit Kids Safe Routes to School is a national recognized initiative to increase the opportunity for kids to be physically active before and after school. The program designates walking paths, crossing guards and safe houses to assist children in safely walking to and from school.


Spirit of Survival

The Spirit of Survival (SOS) is an annual race which includes walk/run/race events for every level of participant and training to prepare for theses races. SOS's primary goal is to improve the health of our community through education, training, family participation and motivation for cancer patients and survivors.

Friends of the Trail.png

Tour of the Wichita's

The Tour of the Wichita's is an annual bike ride that takes you through historic areas of Fort Sill, Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. In conjunction with the ride, the Museum of the Great Plains hosts an annual bike festival which gives families in the Lawton Fort Sill area an opportunity to enjoy a day of healthy, fun activities involving bicycles. 


6th Hour Physical Education

6th Hour PE, through the ideas of our students, was developed to offer Lawton area High School Kids the opportunity to enroll in a physical education class that teaches exercise as a life-time skill for credit. Fitness assessments are given periodically and a grade is given at the end of each semester.

Farm To School

Farm to School brings fresh Oklahoma grown fruit and vegetables to our local schools encouraging healthy eating choices.

Hershey's Track Meet

The Hershey Track Meet is a local track and field event for children of all ages where they may qualify for the larger national competition.

Midnight Basketball

The Lawton YMCA has partnered with local churches to open up their basketball gyms in the month of June to engage teens in positive activity rather than risky behavior. In addition to physical activity the projects goals include gang intervention, keeping teens off the street, offering a praise and worship opportunity, and provides a lifestyle workshop not only for the players but also for the numerous friends and relatives that come to watch the games. Over 500 teens participate weekly. The Lawton Police Department has documented a 40% decrease in random violence in the community while the program is taking place.


Coordinated Approach to Child Health is an evidence-based program that is designed to teach children 3rd-5th grade how to eat healthy and be physically active in a fun and engaging way. In lawton, there are currently 14 after school sites offering CATCh Kids Club.

Fitness In Action

An organized running/walking/biking/triathlon/activity series in Southwest Oklahoma. The series provides information about upcoming events in our area to encourage and support individuals and families to stay active and healthy.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a public awareness initiative to prevent and reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity. Activities have included a recipe book, hands-on workshops, preparing snacks and meals with elementary students at Lawton Public Schools, grocery store tours, special speakers, such as a local pediatrician, to educate parents and children on the importance of healthy eating

Nature Quest

Nature Quest is a week-long, summer camp that brings inner city youth to the majestic Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The campers enjoy playing outdoors and learning about nutrition and physical activity in addition to biology and outdoor survival.

Coaches University

Coaches University is a partnership with Cameron University Athletic Department. The purpose is to put on seminars for all the parents, students, coaches, and referees of any given athletic program where sportsmanship, health, and fitness for life are the focus.

Fitness in the Park

Fitness in the Park consists of volunteer fitness instructors who host a one hour workout session in Elmer Thomas Park during the spring and fall seasons for free. The purpose of these classes is to provide community members with more opportunities to be physically active.


The LiVE program, sponsored by the Comanche County Memorial Hospital Foundation is designed to assist teens, families, educators and physicians in getting kids in Southwest Oklahoma healthier. The program utilizes eight simple healthy habits proven to help improve fitness and overall health. This program was successfully implemented at MacArthur Middle School and MacArthur High School.


The Wellness and Lawton's Kids (WALK) program was created in 2004 by the Comanche County memorial Hospital Foundation Childhood Obesity Prevention Task force after establishing childhood obesity prevention was its number one goal. The program gives every fourth grader in the Lawton, Cache, and Elgin Public School Districts a pedometer to track their steps during the six week walk challenge. The goal is for each student to walk at least 10,000 steps per day, seven days a week. Children who successfully meet the challenge are treated to a fun day at the Lawton YMCA where they have a day full of games, swimming, basketball and other fun activities.

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